Need Catering?

Need box lunches for a corporate event in Park City?  How about some 6 foot long sandwiches or a deli tray for your family party?Leger’s is a safe bet.  People love our food and you can rest assured everything will be ready on time!  Make a great impression by providing Leger’s box lunches with gourmet sandwiches for your next event or office meeting! We also do amazing homemade side dishes and gourmet soups. Whether you’re hosting 4 people or 400 people, we’ve got you covered.

Leger’s Deli would love to cater your next event! Whether you need box lunches or you’re going to an outdoor concert in Park City or just going hiking, biking, skiing, or watching a sporting event stop by Leger’s on the way and we’ll make a sack lunch or box lunch for you to go.

Answers to FAQ’s:

What is the minimum and maximum number of people you’ll cater for?

We don’t really have a minimum. The maximum is probably around 500. We’ve catered many events, including a winter tubing event in sub zero weather for 300 attendees and we’ve catered for 400 hungry kids passing through Park City in sweltering July heat. People raved about our food and service in both situations.

How many days in advance should we place the order?

The larger the order the more advance notice we need. For small events of 20+ people a day or two advance notice is fine. If you’re needing 400 sandwiches please give us a week or two.

Do you do box lunches?

Yes! We do box lunches and we also do eco-friendly sack lunches too.  

How do you deal with special requests?

We try to accommodate any reasonable request. We really like making people happy.

What can you tell me about your pickup and delivery process?

If you’d like to pick up your order we’ll have everything ready for you. If you’d like us to deliver within a reasonable distance we’ll try to accommodate your request. Depending on the size of the order and the distance we may or may not need to charge a small delivery fee.